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Selecting a provider of environmentally conscious floor coverings for “special use” projects should not be compromised by a “spur of the moment” decision to place “just anyone” at the helm of the “USS Ecoship”. It requires having trust and faith in the provider and their ability to select products that will ensure the realization of “project specific” environmental and performance goals established by the designer, builder, and (most importantly) those of the end-use client.

Trends toward the use of Eco-friendly flooring are significantly on the increase. “Buzz-words” like: “Sustainable”, “Recycled Content”, “LEED”, and many others dot the literary landscape of architectural specifications, manufacturers product literature, magazine articles, and advertisements. What do these terms mean? Is “real” substance to be gained from their use in defining product finishes? How can the “eco-hype” be sifted through to a level where it can be meaningfully applied?

Accurate answers can be gathered through either; the intensive and product-specific eco-education of the party responsible for material specification, or they can be obtained by trusting in a qualified professional to make the journey (on your behalf) through the seemingly endless quagmire of propaganda in pursuit of products demonstrating “actual” environmental benefits and usefulness. In this manner, retrospective murmurs of “we thought it was…” or “it was advertised to be…” something that in fact “it” was not, can be eliminated or at the very least, significantly reduced.

-The subsequent realization that a product’s “actual” Eco-benefits were improperly interpreted is of little consolation once the materials have been installed and placed into use.-

Flooring Concepts, Inc. (FCI) approach to the equation is well defined. Through the application of experience and client education we minimize the chance for specification and installation of flooring materials that do not meet the conceptual goals of the client.

This proactive approach toward our ultimate goal of environmental responsibility and client satisfaction involves:

  • Review the conceptual importance for use of eco-conscious flooring
  • What are the “actual” environmental benefits of these materials
  • Which materials are best suited for use in the installed environment
  • What if any are the performance limitations of the specified materials
  • Cost factors and appropriate budgeting methods impacted by flooring choices
  • Documentation of the eco-benefits realized by the flooring products use

The process is one which facilitates the marriage between creative thought and the responsible placement of flooring within the buildings interior environment, and maybe more importantly into that of the global environment.

Concept to Reality

Once the process has transitioned from “concept” to “reality” it is imperative that the specialized materials are installed in a manner consistent with the expectations of the manufacturer and end user. Although the installation aspect of flooring typically falls “behind the scenes” it is no less important to the successful outcome of the project and is deserved of equal attention when selecting a quality flooring provider.

In the past, flooring manufacturers have “suggested” recommended installation methods using proprietary products specific to their products and successful installation could be accomplished by uncertified laborers using third-party materials over substrate conditions that were less than adequate.

Changes to flooring products and their installation methods (largely driven by the trend toward eco-consciousness) have made the installation process one that is much more particular. The use of manufacturer “Certified Installation Technicians”, installation guidelines, and recommended adhesives/accessories during the installation process are now mandated by many manufacturers to preserve the warranties of the products specified for use.

Another important factor to consider prior to flooring specification and installation is the suitability of the substrate for use of the specified flooring. Issues relative to substrate composition, excessive deflection, moisture, elevated pH levels, and other factors have the potential to significantly impact the short and long term performance of the specified flooring, void manufacturers warranties, and should be identified by the flooring provider prior to installation of materials.

FCI, procedures identify potential substrate issues, adhere stringently to manufacturer’s installation guidelines (using recommended adhesives and accessories), and utilize only the most skilled technicians during the installation process.

-There are many methods and options available in the selection and provision of flooring. Through a collective process involving our clients, we determine the optimal method and proceed with confidence.-

Knowledge is Power

Finally, an informed and educated client is empowered and is capable of “action-based” participation in determining the best flooring solutions specific to their needs, whereas uninformed and uneducated end users are by default, placed in a position of “reaction-based” response. Flooring Concepts, Inc. proactively initiates the education process at the point of conception, enhances it through development, and takes pride in its successful culmination upon project completion.

Consider the potential impact of your decision before selecting a flooring provider:

  • Are they qualified and knowledgeable in the specification and application of environmentally conscious flooring products?
  • Do they understand your ideals and goals?
  • How will they identify and communicate to you the potential pitfalls in the process?
  • Will you be placed in a position of “action” or one of “reaction”?

Flooring Concepts, Inc. utilizes a “positive action” method of education and client involvement throughout the duration of the project. This results in the application of high quality environmentally responsible flooring products to the client’s satisfaction. We look forward to having the opportunity to build relationships with clients whose ideals and standards reflect similar concerns for environmental responsibility, quality flooring, and who understand the importance for a shared involvement in this process.

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